| Have you thought about former Asia? Well, Europe, you travel today was inclusive of Asia only. They got classified in their present status in the year 1850. This article is about which cities you should explore on your 2020 trip to Europe. To your wonder, Europe’s continent has a lot of impressive countries that holds remarkable city provinces. To help you with the utmost precision, we have compiled nine European cities you should visit in 2020. Trust me, it was a difficult job, but we did it just for you! Read the article and find your first to-visit European city.

1. France’s Paris:

Lights, Lights, and Lights all over the city! What if I tell you to touch the ‘City of Lights’ from the top of the Eiffel tower? Sounds Insane, but it is surreal! Paris always tops the list when we are talking about Europe or say France. You can shop the premium fashion, taste the delicious cuisines, explore the art and history, know the culture, and enjoy the nightlife in Paris. I believe that whatever time you go to Paris, it would be mesmerizing for you with experiencing ecstasy, joy, and delight. 

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2. Italy’s Florence:

Italy has many places to confuse you happily. Sicily is one of them. However, Florence is absolutely outstanding. The art exhibitions in the city’s sculptures are panoramic. The historical monuments are majestic. Florence has fabulous food. Cooking classes in Florence are never to miss an opportunity. The main attraction to Florence is its Treasures of Tuscany. Observe the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Visit hilly Tuscan villages. Taste the renowned Chianti’s wines. Explore and Experience the wall-town of Volterra. Florence is a fantastic place all year round you land its premises. 

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3. Greece’s Santorini:

Santorini in Greece is a blue blessing from paradise. The entire city tinted in blue and white shades looks supernatural. The caldera views from the city are something you have never thought before! The black volcanic mountains are to die too!  Apart from this, the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea match with the city shades and make you feel heavenly positive. The beaches, ferry rides, the boat journeys, the private resorts, spas, wines, food, and parties leave you nothing to lack. You mustn’t miss Santorini at all! 

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4. Netherlands’ Amsterdam:

A European city that flows parallel to the three main canals dating back to the 17th Dutch century known as Grachtengordel is famous in the world by its name Amsterdam. Being the biggest city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is its capital. The pastel color houses with a gabled facade are not to miss views in the city. The sidewalks of the canals, the bike rides on the streets, and the cycling trips are an intimidating part of Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam is also ideal for taking road trips where you can explore some interesting spots. You can make your rides comfortable by getting a roof rack on your car to carry your luggage and drive on the beautiful roads of this city.

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5. England’s London:

Who would want to miss witnessing the royal status of Britishers? Yes, I am talking about the capital of Britishers, which is London, England. The city has some beautiful museums, monuments like the world-famous Big Ben clock tower, the tower bridge, and the London eye. You might get intimated to see the world’s most expensive bullion, Kohinoor, that is in London Tower’s Jewel House for public depiction. Besides, London has captivating cafes, localities, shops, local restaurants, and the best markets for you to cater to your appetite and shopping needs. 

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6. Spain’s Barcelona:

Barcelona is the most exciting city in Spain. Known for its art and architecture, millions of tourists come across the globe to visit Barcelona every year. The most appealing destination in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia Church. You will get stunned onlooking at the height and design of this wondrous church! The city has several sights that slay every time. The nightlife in Barcelona is not to miss the goal. You will love going to Barcelona with friends, although Barcelona is family-friendly as well! Don’t skip tasting its food specialties! 

7. Italy’s Rome:

He who has not heard about the Roman Colosseum would be a jerk. The one wonder out of the rest seven, it is the best spot in Rome. You can even not avoid visiting the Vatican City in Rome. The Roman Forum, Trevi Fountains, Sistine Chapel Pantheon, Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums, Roman Catholic Church, and a lot more destinations crown the city like a queen. Rome takes your attendance every day you be there. Don’t cheat yourself, exploring one of the prominent cities of the world! 

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8. Iceland’s Reykjavik:

Reykjavik nestles its landscapes sophisticatedly on the coastline of Iceland. It is the largest and the capital city of Iceland. The city holds the historical significance intact to date with modern museums and constructions. Hallgrimskirkja is a 74.5 metered heigh church in the land standing tall and beautiful. The golden circle, Harpa concert hall & conference center, Perlan, Sun Voyager, are the names of a few fanatical sites in Reykjavik. The city has some modern cafes and restaurants to make you feel equally trendy and stylish with its traditional culture. 

9. Scotland’s Edinburgh:

The city of Scotland that can be called the capital of festivals is a hustling naive city named Edinburgh. The city is suitable for shopping and night outs. You can go outdoors and explore the charisma of the city in a day as well as night. The food in Edinburgh is comfortable, tasty, and healthy. It has castles and gardens to leave you awestruck. You can tour a Regal Yacht and taste the Scottish scotch or whiskey all along. The city has a pretty face at nighttime and an inimitable beauty in the daytime.

Putting them together – reading far from the beginning had made you understand that these European cities have a lot to offer. From history to hiking, from food to festivals, from culture to castles, all these cities have a vibe that appealing, intimidating, and inviting!