B2B e-commerce is experiencing its growth period. We all are well aware of the pace at which this industry is rising. Investment in B2B e-commerce platform was not preferred by many top B2B firms but the trend is changing at unbelievable speed.

When combined with the right platform and an experienced service provider that understand every nook and corner of the market than any e-commerce site can come up as a king of the market. With the changing tastes and preferences of new generation buyers, B2B market is growing fast.

In order to get the maximum output of your investment one must be dynamic and adapt the changing nature of the market. Though there are no specific rules to take your e-commerce platform at great heights but with few latest trends can pump up your marketing growth in 2019:

Personal Interaction: This is the biggest treasure of traditional offline market is a one-to-one conversation with the customer to understand their needs and problems. Though this is the costly way of marketing but with this strategy, you can deliver a personalised experience to each individual buyer. The use of personal interaction with your customer will nurture your relationship and enhance the trust among them.

Without spending too much on hiring sales team B2B companies may opt for messaging apps for conversational selling. The biggest plus point with these technologies is they are already used by millions of people and communication via these sources may help to attract visitors to the website and improve customer retention by providing timely product support. By using information such as customers purchase histories and preferences one can deliver the most relevant experience to each buyer. The key to successful conversational selling is to make sure that the interactions provide customers with the most helpful information in real time.

SEO: It is believed that 89% of B2B customers seek the help of the Internet before engaging in any particular site. Thus, the search engine is the key to attract new customers to your site. A well-planned e-commerce SEO strategy is one of the most effective leverage to boost sale on your online wholesale e-commerce platform. If your brand lacks in showing up in the results you have 90% chances of losing your customer to your competitor. Regardless of products that you are selling and rates at what you are selling if you are showing up at the right place in the search then you have completed half of your marketing.

Engage with the audience: The advanced generation of B2B buyers takes a decision on the basis of reviews and recommendation available on social media and other online sources. In this digital era, it is very important to keep your customers connected to your website by including a review section, contests and giving rewards by asking them to recommend the site to others. With the digitalization at its highest point B2B industry is facing immense competition and to stand apart from your competitor in 2019 it is necessary to keep your customers engaged by organizing appreciation events and create an affiliate program.

Convert traffic to buyers: This is the most essential part to leverage your e-commerce growth. There are numerous customers that search for products on the internet but if you are unable to convert that traffic into buyers than your just wasting your money on advertisements. Conversion rate optimization strategy is the most vital part of b2b e-commerce software online. Following steps can help you improve your conversion rate:

  • By writing unique and detailed product descriptions and using high-quality images and videos.
  • By making it convenient for users to reorder any product from the list
  • By offering varied and simple payment options.
  • By making automatic reminders of reorders and discounts to your customer.
  • By using the latest marketing techniques and attract traffic to your website as much as possible.

Data-driven marketing: A large amount of data has been collected by marketers with the intention of targeting the nerve of customers. The online b2b e-commerce solution for wholesale use this big data to analyse the needs and behaviour of its customer. These data help in creating personalized content and are proved as a really helpful element to increase the conversion rate. This data-driven marketing technique which will be proved as the most trending technique of 2019 allows B2B companies to implement its marketing skills based on the deep understanding of consumer’s preference and taste. With this trendy technique, B2B companies will be able to deliver smart content that will hit consumers at the right point.


Commerce is all about delighting your customers and e-commerce does the same but virtually. Though B2B has its own complexities and struggle, but these few trends will definitely work as a leverage that will maximise the growth of your e-commerce wholesale platform in 2019.