| Philippines Digital Transformation Expert Homer Nievera shares the Value of Niche Content for SEO in 2020 | Niche content in blog posts have recently become part of mainstream content marketing and SEO strategy, according to one of the digital transformation experts in the Philippines, Homer Nievera.

Nievera, who owns and manages a network of niche content sites such as and, has seen the rise of of niche content and guest postings as an SEO strategy as far as 6 years ago when he started to build his network of blogazines. His strategies in acquiring hundreds of content contributors worldwide has allowed him to scale his content network without employing a single permanent writer or editor.

As a site owner, you know why new content is important — it ensures more indexed pages and helps with search engine rankings improvements. Here, Nievera shares 3 ways to fill your website with content.

#1 Outsourcing Your Content Writing

Lack of time is usually the reason for lack of productivity. Luckily, if you have more money than time or literary skills, you could pay someone to write your articles for you. There are also good student writers out there. But the question is, do you have time to curate the good ones? This service is better outsourced at very minimal rates. Just make sure that you get niche content as having general content simply makes you a generalist and would not be able to attract the audience you prefer to go to your site.

#2 Content Curation as an Alternative when Starting Out

Another option to provide value to your readership is by using the content already created by others. Hopefully, you are able to choose which will help you engage with your target audience. The point is to share your opinion on some relevant content as well as the content itself, and don’t spend hours writing blog posts. This strategy is best done through your social networks. When you have seen traction and which topics best suit your audience, you can easily switch to writing the niche content.

#3 Guest blogging or Guest posting goes a long way

Nievera says that being a multi-title publisher has its downside too — the lack of focus. He has had some titles scrapped over the 6 years he has been in the digital publishing industry.

But with the guest blogging and guest posting from his hundreds of contributors worldwide (in 183 countries as of last count!), Nievera was able to expand quickly with his titles. He is in fact, adding at least 3 titles each year for the past 6 years.

With guest and niche content, you not only fill your website with high-quality content but also make some money out of it through paid advertorials. Nievera sas that recently, PR agencies have seen the value of getting their clients’ niche content out faster through paid advertorials. The value, Nievera says, is much better than simply having banner ads because the niche content posted returns as long-tail ROI than the short-lived banners. Plus, with ad blockers prevalent among readers, the marketing gets an added push through sharing.

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